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The Garb Gallery

This is a collection of photos taken by me and others of the medieval "garb" I have made.

Most of my work has been for my personal use, but lately I have started branching out and making clothing for others.
This poses a bit more challenge, since most of my friends do not live close enough for me to fit the garments
on them multiple times throughout the process to ensure they fit!

Garb I've Made
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Both outfits made by me. Lord Tarien Dane models an Elizabethan men's outfit on the left; I'm wearing a sideless surcoat trimmed with fur.

Photo taken at "Don't Drink the Water"

This garment was made for a Tacky Garb contest. Unfortunately, there was no judging, since I think I'd have won :)

Photo taken at "Arrg 2: Electric Bugaloo"

This cape accompanied the Tacky Garb for the evening, and then was gifted to Kristoff Fuegger von Augsburg upon its completion. Each of the fleur-de-lys on the cape are hand-adorned with a pearl.
Photo taken at "Arrg 2: Electric Bugaloo"

A black doublet with sleeves and matching hat. Gold embroidery is in progress on the hat. The necklace was made by HL Bronwen Arianwen.

Photo taken at "Nordskogen 12th Night 2004"

In the center of the photo, I am wearing my first cotehardie, or gothic fitted gown. Lady Mathile did the original patterning.

Photo taken at "Pennsic 32"

The "Evil Queen from Snow White" gown. This is based on Simplicity pattern 9929, but I had to modify it to make it more accurate. The jewelry was custom made by my friend Bronwen after she saw the in-progress photos. The rapier belongs to Don Gauge, but he wasn't using it at the time :)

Photo taken at "Northshield's Final Coronet Tourney"

On the left, I am wearing a purple Italian Renaissance side-lacing gown. On the left, Lady Muirgheal is wearing a reversable bodice made by Felix Needleworthy.

Photo taken at "Northshield's First Crown Tourney"

This is a Tudor-style gown from the mid-1500s. There is a corset beneath the bodice. The whole gown only took about a week to make!

Photo taken at "Nordskogen 12th Night 2003"

This is a professional portrait of the Tudor dress. I made the headpiece by hand the night before the event.

Photo taken at "Clothiers Seminar North 2004"

This is the final version of the Tudor gown. I added the fur-lined sleeves and gold chain belt, and the neckline and cuffs of the chemise have lace.

Photo taken at "Northshield's 3rd Crown Tourney"

A coat in the style of Henry Tudor. The upper sleeves are puffed and slashed to show the contrasting lining. Made as a gift for Don Senan O'Faolan.

Photo taken Summer 2005

This wool-lined cloak was made for Don Lazarus Gauge as a surpise gift.

Photo taken December 2004

A close-up of the clasp mechanism, of which I am very proud.

Photo taken December 2004

This is my second set of rapier armor. The jacket by itself meets Midrealm requirements.

Photo taken at "Fighters School 2005"

The doublet shown here was made for Simon (known as "the Lesser") because he needed garb for war.

Photo taken at "Fighters School 2005"

This is a Turkish-style fitted coat that I made in 4 days.

Photo taken October 2004

This photo shows the hat/outfit combo in action.

Photo taken at "Northshield's Second
Crown Tourney"

This garment is two pieces: the first is a cream-colored underdress (gamurra), an Italian fitted, side-lacing gown. The red overdress, known as a giornea, is sewn up the sides and clasps in front.

Photo taken December 2004

A close-up of the clasp on the giornea.

Photo taken December 2004

Left to right: Ladies Nezhka, Teffan, and Cealfind. These bodices and skirts were made in the colors of the kingdom, and worn at Northshield's first kingdom party at war. We were triplicates :)

Photo taken shortly after "Gulf Wars 14"

This rapier hood was made for Don Rodrigo de Montoya.

Photo taken at "Pennsic 34"

The red-and-white garment, lined in green, was made for Don Lazarus Gauge, who also helped design it.

Photo taken at "Boars Head 2005"

A back view of the houpelande.

Photo taken at "Boars Head 2005"

This doublet and pants combination, along with the shirt, comprise my current rapier armor.

Photo taken at "Boars Head 2005"

This is an over-cotehardie with hanging sleeves and hook-and-eye closures up the front from waist to neckline. It is worn over a black linen cotehardie with buttons up the front, and an under-cote of white muslin. The necklace was a gift from Her Highness Northshield, Gwyneth Felton.

Photo taken at "Warriors and Warlords 13"


Photo taken at "EVENT"


Photo taken at "EVENT"


Photo taken at "EVENT"