History of the Northshield Princess' Sleeve

The Story

At the first rapier championship of the Principality of Northshield, HSH Gwyneth Felton presented the victor (Isaac de Hugo) with one of the sleeves from the gown she was wearing at the time. At the next tournament, Isaac passed along this favor to the new champion, Adrien de Troyes, thus beginning the tradition of the Princess' Sleeve as a "hereditary" favor. The idea of a Princess' Sleeve tournament (independent of the rapier champion tournament) was presented during the third reign of the Principality Northshield. "I proposed this new tradition during TSH's Therica & Sigfried's reign because many rapier fighters felt that the selection process of a champion was too selective and that we should have an honor conferred by prowess alone - Julio."

Counting the initial two champions as joint sleeveholders/champions, the rapier community has provided a Princess' Sleeveholder to each and every princess Northshield has been graced with (as both a principality and now as a kingdom) {note, Countess Bridei, aka Queen Mum, was never the Princess of Northshield and did not host a Princess' Sleeve tournament}. Each princess chooses her own format for the tournament and the conditions for deciding the winner (for example, valuing virtues beyond prowess - such as chivalry, honor, joy, courtesy; and deciding if the tournament victor will automatically become the Sleeveholder or if Her Highness will choose a Sleeveholder from the combattants on the field). Winning also comes with additional responsibilities, also determined by Her Highness' desires - Sleeveholders often become part of Their retinue, and sometimes play a dual role as both Sleeveholder and Rapier Champion.

During the reign of Sigfried III and Elizabeth von Kulmbach, a King's Rapier Champion was chosen by tournament prowess.
The list of King's Rapier Champions of the Kingdom of Northshield can be found here.

The Princesses and Their Sleeveholders

Princess Sleeveholder
Principality Of Northshield
HSH Gwyneth Felton Isaac de Hugo
HSH Kassandra Tenebrosa Adrien de Troyes
HSH Therica Pembrose of Stonegate Manor Michael Sinclair
HSH Nina Mirovna Korsakova Simon Morcar
HSH Prism of Blue Rose Lloyd of Penrose
HSH Fiona nic Aoidh Alexander of Manchester
HSH Isabelle de la Montana Dorian of the Blue Moon
HSH Kelinda Garret Kristoff Fuegger von Augsburg
HSH Eilika von Lutzen Lazarus Gauge
HSH Yasamin al-Hadiyya Pedro de Carrion del los Condes Ramirez
HSH Leyla ibnat ash-Shamaal Cyveiliog McKinley
HSH Aramanthra the Vicious Doctour Jock McKee
HSH Elashava bas Riva Roisin ingen Ailill
HSH Isabella Falcćo da Galinha Kristoff Fuegger von Augsburg
HSH Astrid of the Yellow Rose Michael St. Christian
HSH Anne Geoffries of Warwick Kristoff Fuegger von Augsburg
HSH Giulia Isabella de Venezia Rodrigo de Montoya
Kingdom Of Northshield
HRH Fina ingen Aeda Lazarus Gauge
HRH Ęsa Gilsdottir I Robert Talbot
HRH Mary of Carrigart I Cyveiliog McKinley
HRH Gwyneth Felton Nicholas of Rockhaven
HRH Giulia Isabella de Venezia Ambrose von Pasau
HRH Eilis mac Maurice Martin MacKeegan
HRH Mary of Carrigart II Michael St. Christian
HRH Ęsa Gilsdottir II Vincent Palmer
HRH Ailleanne ingen Faelin Charimmos Lakedaimonios
HRH Elizabeth von Kulmbach I Edward of Kent
HRH Sigrid de la Mare I Michael St. Christian
HRH Anne Geoffries of Warwick I Margalit Medicus and Marcus Valerius
HRH Lusche della Cassiago I Robert Talbot
HRH Petranella Fitzallen of Weston I Jean-Robert LeMarchand
HRH Devon Ffrench Ambrose von Pasau
HRH Luce Tolle Leona Talbot
HRH Lusche della Cassiago II Adele von Pasau
HRH Anne Geoffries of Warwick II Marcus Valerius
HRH Elizabeth von Kulmbach II Sibyl Sevenoke
HRH Petranella Fitzallen of Weston II Gevehard von Baden
HRH Sigrid de la Mare II Cledwyn Radcliffe
HRH Ęthelflęd Hadrurus Blach
HRH Gwenhwyvar verch Owen ap Morgan Baldwin von Trier and Isabetta Viari
HRH Yehudah Tarkhan ben Yitzhak Sven Asvaldarson
HRH Aibhilin Fhionn I Sibyl Sevenoke
HRH Cassandra Antonelli Pietro Pavolo Giovanni
HRH Luce Tolle II Toussaint de Caluwé
HRH Petranella Fitzallen of Weston III Margalit Medicus
HRH Aibhilin Fhionn II Hanman Hebenstreit
HRH Jehanette de Provins Helisius Morte d'Arbor

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