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Teffan's SCA Page

I have been a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism (a non-profit organization that researches, re-creates, and educates others about parts of the Middle Age and early Renaissance) since September 1998.

In the SCA, I am known as Honorable Lady Teffan Koerwent, and on this page you will find information about the various activities in which I participate.

I reside in the Kingdom of Northshield, which is one of 19 worldwide divisions of the SCA. Within Northshield, I am a member of the Barony of Nordskogen, a local group centered around Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN.

One of my primary activities is rapier combat - you can see some videos of this in the Videos section. I'm also the one responsible for the Northshield Rapier "Promo DVD", so if you want a copy, contact me at "admin -at-".

A few years ago, I researched the history of Northshield's Princess' Sleeve Rapier Tournament and then created a full list of Sleeveholders and rapier champions, both principality and kingdom.

When we have large battles (called "melees"), I join up with a group of great friends as part of The Hellhounds and try to go off and cause problems for the other side :)

You can also check out a group called the White Scarves (or Dons). All members of the Order of the White Scarf of Northshield have been recognized for their outstanding contributions to the rapier community, and have been given the highest level of award our kingdom has for rapier (which carries a GoA).

I also do a lot of sewing (and some research) to create the clothing ("garb") that we wear.

Be sure to check out Mathilde's Demo for Fitting a 14th or 15th Century Supportive Dress

While I have many craft projects that are not SCA-related, the crafts themselves are common period activities and I'm often working on them while at events.

I tend to travel a lot for my SCA hobby, having made multiple trips to such places as Slippery Rock, PA, and Lumberton, MS. So of course, the geeky thing to do was to create a program that I can use to create my packing lists, after I found myself making up the same general lists over and over

Another geeky habit I have is taking pictures at events using my digital camera (Sony Cybershot). Since many others do this same thing, we have an Unofficial Gallery for all the pictures that Northshielders take so that they can be easily located and shared.

Here's a sampling of why Teffan and Leona (well, Teffan and anyone else really) should not be allowed to go to events unattended :-D

Kingdom Heraldry and Blazons Training File [PPT]

My SCA Resume (out of date)